Frantisek Cipro - Cipro Price

Frantisek Cipro

Frantisek Cipro Frantisek Cipro

Club Hotel Flipper Cipro

Club Hotel Flipper Cipro Club Hotel Flipper Cipro

Cipro And Meningitis

Cipro And Meningitis Cipro And Meningitis

Ayia Napa Di Cipro

Ayia Napa Di Cipro Ayia Napa Di Cipro

Cipro And Fluoride Poisoning

Cipro And Fluoride Poisoning Cipro And Fluoride Poisoning

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Frantisek Cipro - Cipro Price (NASM) is a holding company formed by private equity firm Pfingsten Partners, L.L.C. and Christopher J. Brennan to build an integrated sports marketing platform. NASM divisions include New York-based Tuchman Sports Enterprises, Inc., a full-service sports and marketing company that provides customized incentive and brand-building programs for Fortune 1000 clients; North Carolina-based Premiere Sports Travel L.L.C., a sports marketing and travel company that sells direct to consumers; and Premiere Plus, an affiliate that sells NASCAR travel packages to corporate clients. The company also owns, an online secondary ticket broker that specializes in sporting and entertainment events.

Contact Information:
Frantisek Cipro - Cipro Price
520 Lake Cook Road, Suite 375
Deerfield, IL 60015

Press Releases:
November 27, 2006
North America Sports Media Expands Sports Marketing Business with Acquisition of Premiere Sports Travel & Affiliated Companies

January 20, 2006
Pfingsten Partners Acquires TSE Sports & Entertainment, Forming First Division of New Sports Media Company